Delivery Policy

Momzlove will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions countries in accordance with the law of UAE”.

At MOMZLOVE we make sure that you receive the order as quick and pleasant as possible because we know how important it is that your goods arrive on time and in perfect condition. Here’s our delivery policy:

  • At this moment we are just able to deliver to UAE but we are working on it to be available soon in GCC market
  • Delivery to UAE 2-3 working days max.
    If you have any questions about delivery or shipping you may call us on 04-5538937 or send us an email to

Please see our Shipping Rates below:

  • Delivery below 5kg within Dubai at the cost of 20 AED
  • Delivery below 5kg to other cities of UAE at the cost of 25 AED
  • Delivery above 5kg: 2 AED extra per kg. for example if in Dubai: for the shipment of 7 Kg you may pay :

20 AED (as a basic delivery cost) + 4 AED extra (for 2 Kg extra weight)

  • Second Delivery Attempt :

The extra amount of 10 AED will be charged cash on delivery if the client confirms the timing with the courier but don’t show up, then when the courier reaches you on the second time you may pay 10 AED extra charge.

  • Returns fee:
  • Please note that if you wish to return your purchase you may do that, however the delivery fee will be deducted from your total purchase amount and you will received the rest back.
  • We suggest you to check the items while the courier is still with you to avoid paying second delivery fee while you want to return the item back to us.
  • Please note that if the courier leaves you and then you decide to return the item, then you may arrange the courier yourself and pay the delivery fee.
  • Out-Of-Service Delivery areas: Due to some reasons the area listed below is more costly for the courier. Thus the area listed below will be charged double price to the customers.
Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Northeast, Twazun,Warsan farms – No Service
Abu Dhabi Al Hudairiyat Island – No Service
Abu Dhabi Al Jubail Island – No Service
Abu Dhabi Al rafiq, Qassabi – No Service
Abu Dhabi Balrmad Island – No Service
Abu Dhabi Lulu Island – No Service
Abu Dhabi Mushayrib Island – No Service
Abu Dhabi Nareel Island – No Service
Abu Dhabi Samaliyah Island – No Service
Abu Dhabi Sas Al Nakhl Island – No Service
Abu Dhabi Umm Yifenah Island – No Service
Abu Dhabi Zeraa Island – No Service
Abu Dhabi Abu Al Abyad Island – Remote
Abu Dhabi Al Hamra – Abu Dhabi – Remote
Abu Dhabi Al Khis – Remote
Abu Dhabi Al Masaood Village – Remote
Abu Dhabi Al Salam Village – Remote
Abu Dhabi Al Yarya – Remote
Abu Dhabi Alyhyali – Remote
Abu Dhabi Asab – Remote
Abu Dhabi Dalma – Remote
Abu Dhabi Dalma Island – Remote
Abu Dhabi Jananah Island – Remote
Abu Dhabi Je’eisah – Remote
Abu Dhabi Jereirah – Remote
Abu Dhabi Ras Ghurb Island – Remote
Abu Dhabi Sabkhah – Remote
Abu Dhabi Sir Baniyas Island – Remote
Abu Dhabi Wedhail – Remote
Ajman Masfouth – Remote
Al Ain Al Ain Outer 1 – Remote
Al Ain Al Ain Outer 2 – Remote
Al Ain Al Ain outer 3 – Remote
Al Ain Al dahra – Remote
Al Ain Al Khatim – Remote
Al Ain Al Khaznah – Remote
Al Ain Al Khaznah – Remote
Al Ain Al Qua – Remote
Al Ain Al Quo’a – Remote
Al Ain Al Sweihan- Remote
Al Ain Al Waqan – Remote
Al Ain Dhaharat Al Teeb – Remote
Al Ain Nahel – Remote
Dubai Dubai outer – Remote
Dubai Dubai Outer 2 – Remote
Dubai Dubai outlet mall, Minhad Ab
Dubai Lahbab – Remote
Fujairah Al Dhaid, Masafa, Al Manama – Remote
Ras Al Khaimah All Oman Boarder Area – Remote
Ras Al Khaimah Huwaylat – Remote
Ras Al Khaimah Munay – Remote
Ras Al Khaimah Rafaq – Remote
Ras Al Khaimah Sa’abah – Remote
Sharjah Fili – Remote
Sharjah Hatta, Madham, Hatta Outer – Remote
Sharjah Nazwa – Remote
Western Region Al janai – No Service
Western Region Al taff, Bid Khabbab – No Service
Western Region Bin Thilab, Gharab – No Service
Western Region Etihad rail, Umm Al Ashtan – No Service
Western Region Moreeb Hills, Zarrarah – No Service
Western Region Nisab,Sahil – No Service
Western Region Al kifefah, Umm hafaf, Al Marfa – Remote
Western Region Al Mirfa – Remote
Western Region Arada, Al Hilew, mukhayriz, Al birer – Remote
Western Region Bu Ghar – Remote
Western Region Bu hasa – Remote
Western Region Ghayathi – Remote
Western Region Gheweifat, Batha – Remote
Western Region Habshan – Remote
Western Region Hamim – Remote
Western Region Jebel Dhanna – Remote
Western Region Liwa,Mezaira’a,Khannur, Kayyam,Umm hosn – Remote
Western Region Madina Zayed, Beda zayed – Remote
Western Region Qareen Al Aish – Remote
Western Region Ruwais – Remote
Western Region Salam City Workers Area – Remote
Western Region Sila – Remote
Western Region Tarif – Remote